Starting an Instagram page: What you need to know

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Ahh Instagram, with over 1 billion monthly active users, it’s definitely one of the most popular social media apps outhere.

So, you're posting great content, you're engaging with your followers, posting fun stories with polls and stuff, but you just dont quite understand why you're not getting the engagment you're supposed to get and the new followers you're hoping for. And that's what explains why you're currently reading our blog. We've been there, the truth is that growing an Instagram page is a tough task even if you're following all the steps and doing everything the way it's supposed to be done, Instagram will knock you out, we're here to help you get back up. Let's get started.

Instagram Likes

Don’t expect people to like everything you post on your page, because people are very picky and some of them don’t even bother to press that cuddly heart button no matter how good you think your post is. So what you must do is be very selective about what you post and only choose to post what you and others might think is appealing and likable.

One thing I used to do before posting on my page is ask a couple of friends their opinion about the picture I’m about to post and see if they would double tap it. It’s also very important to ask yourself that question too.

Your Instagram followers

With hundreds of likes on your posts and viral posts, you’ll start seeing followers flooding to your Instagram account in no time, but if you’re not getting any of those two, or if you’re just getting started, here’s a starter tip: choose a page that has the same niche as yours (as long as it has 10k+ followers) and go to the page's followers tab, and start following around 100 people from the his followers list. On the next day, unfollow the ones who did not follow back, and wait a few hours before following 100 more to avoid getting banned from following for 24 hours, and repeat the process.

Another method that you can do to get more followers is trying to be more engaging with your current followers, reply to their comments on your posts, like their photos, post stories and use hashtags correctly.

Instagram page name

Your page name is the most important thing about your entire business, you should be very creative while brainstorming a name because you might end up selling customized merch that has your logo and name on them. It's very important to try and not include any special character in your page name, that will ruin the entire merch opportunity because then you’ll be forced to rebrand or style your merch with a name that’s different from your page name, which is for me a disaster.

Instagram Posting times and Frequency

Before we start off with the posting times and frequency, make sure that your page is on business profile mode.
It's necessary that you know when your followers are at the peak of their activity when you decide to share a new post. The best way of finding out the peak time is by going to your page insights (activated after switching to business profile) and reading your stats. Posting frequency is yet another important aspect in growing your page, the first rule about posting is that you should never post 2 consecutive photos, it will mess up your engagement and will only confuse your audience. Instead, post every day at the same time (this should be at the peak times) and no more than 4 posts per day. Like 4 is the maximum I would choose. You can always force your audience to adapt to your different posting times, but that might take a while and you might lose followers in the process.

Instagram Engagement Groups

Engagement groups are very helpful in improving your engagement rate, and it might also help your posts get to the explore page and go viral. Getting into engagement groups is very easy, all you must do is DM other pages and ask them to add you to some groups. Piece of cake! For those of you who don’t know, engagement groups are groups on Instagram that has pages that like and comment to each other’s posts. And make sure to get in engagement groups that have a similar niche as yours, it’s not very important but it’s better that way.

**The following might be true or not: Its being said all over the place that these IG groups will not help with increasing your posts’ engagement at all with the new IG algorithm, because everyone in these groups is using the same comment repeatedly so you might risk being shadow-banned or being flagged for using bots. Please be careful with choosing the groups and only pick ones where users will comment with human-like comments.

(NEW) How to get out of the Instagram Shadowban

Shadow banning is when Instagram will hide your posts from the users following you and only 10% of you followers will be able to see it, and your post will also not appear on the hashtags you have used. The best ways to get out of the shadow-ban are the following: 1) Delete the hashtags from all the posts that you might think are shadow-banned. 2) Stop posting for at least 48 hours, some believe that doing so will reset your account and you will no longer be shadow-banned by Instagram. 3)You can also switch back to personal profile in the IG app settings and disconnect your Facebook page from your Instagram page but that’s a little bit too extreme.

I hope you will find what you were looking for in our first CarRoofies blog! Always remeber that starting an Instagram page is no easy task, it takes a lot of time, patience and dedication. If you truely have great content and you're starting to believe that your page is not gonna work out, you're gonna start thinking about quitting. I'm here to tell you that when these thoughts start formulating in your head, then this is the time to NOT quit. Keep posting on a daily basis, engage with your audience, and most importantly, enjoy doing it.

Good luck with your page !

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